Comprehensive Human Resource and Safety Management Tools

Meet all Return to Work, Safety, and Cal/OSHA requirements with our holistic suite of HIPAA compliant health and wellness solutions. Below is a list of options you can choose from to get started or expand your current use.
SafeCamp Web

Basic Plan

Billed weekly.
Get started
Web-based Portal
This introductory level product is entirely online and meets the basic compliance requirements.
Easy Onboarding
Order Testing Supplies
Up to 10 individual users
Upload Results Remotely
HIPAA Compliant Record Keeping
2 Hours of Training

Weekly Minimum


Advanced Plan

Billed weekly.
Get started
Web-based Portal
Our most popular selection. SafeCamp HR gives your health & safety team additional tools to automate their daily operations.
All of the features of Web
Safety/Testing Calendar
Pre Screening Support
Zone/Dept Management
Automate Communication
On-Site and At-Home Tests
10 Hours of Training
SafeCamp HR

Weekly Minimum


Premium Plan

Billed weekly.
Get started
Web-based Portal + App
Our premium version supports a wide range of compliance needs and gives users access online and via mobile apps.
All of the features of HR
White Label Support
Security Management
Mobile Application
Reports & Trend Analysis
20 Hours of Training
SafeCamp Pro

Weekly Minimum