Point of Care and Integration Solution

SafeCamp HR is dedicated to solving the core needs of each clients specific one-time or ongoing complexities. We have created a single point of contact for each organization that is secure, reliable private, and scalable. It is a solution built with each users' specific needs in mind.

SafeCamp MD  is a proprietary end-to-end efficiency software platform that solves the complex logistical needs of your business. We have invested significant time and resources fine tuning our laboratory automation and workflow solutions with some of the largest and most complex labs in our country. We help scale each touch point reducing overhead and errors contributing significantly to a labs bottom line. We understand your needs.

Comprehensive Laboratory Solutions

Increase Efficiency

SafeCamp MD manages the entire patient onboarding process inclusive of data collection, eligibility verification, creating labels, and internal device integrations, automating your most important workflows.

Flexible Infrastructure

We have been able to help laboratories upgrade their old and archaic infrastructure with cutting edge tools driving profitability and reducing overhead.

End User Reporting

We have developed portals that are HIPAA-compliant and highly secure, allowing both users and administrators to access real-time results and conveniently update information

Multi Protocol Testing

As your lab grows and evolves, SafeCamp MD flows with you, providing support for every test and service you offer.

Enable Efficient Communication with external parties


Originally built to manage all of the internal needs of the SafeCamp business, MD has morphed into something much more valuable

Streamline ALL internal operations
Enable Efficient Communications to External Parties
Health & Safety Reporting
Support all Physical Testing Protocols
Manage all end user result reporting
Verify Eligibility Prior to Service
Automate Billing & Invoicing
Reduce Physical Overhead
Internal Reporting and HIPPA Compliance
Chat Boards and KPI Management
Assign Appropriate Billing Codes