Production and HR Management

SafeCamp HR is dedicated to solving the core needs of each clients specific one-time or ongoing complexities. We have created a single point of contact for each organization that is secure, reliable private, and scalable. It is a solution built with each users' specific needs in mind.

SafeCamp HR is dedicated to solving the complex and detailed workflows of your human resource function. We create workflows in partnership with each client that serves their health, wellness, and safety requirements globally. We have created a single point of contact for each organization that is secure, reliable, private, and scalable.

Get More Organized 

Manage all of your internal and external communication and documentation from one place. Remove the swivel chair and the need to move from platform to platform managing all of your HR and safety needs.

Industry Expertise

We have built standardized processes that cover the unique needs of the human resources and safety departments. Our team has decades of experience in building, designing, and running HR and safety departments across several industries.

Private & Secure

Access a HIPAA compliant and secure platform from any device with the piece of mind that your processes are safe and your data is secure.

What are we Solving?

SafeCamp HR solves the needs of each organizations human resources and physical safety requirements. Our HIPPA and OSHA compliant software and services gives your organization the tools they need to address current regulations and be proactive in efforts to solve for any future changes in these laws or of any outbreaks and unforseen health situations.

Cal/OSHA Compliant
Entertainment Union Return to Work Agreement Compliant
Reduce HR and Safety Resources
Automate & Audit Communication
Monitor & Track Employee/Crew Safety
Reduce Complexity and Errors
Manage Complex Logistics Issues
Augment Internal Staff
HIPAA Compliant Document Management
Local & State H/S Integrations
Onsite and At-Home Preventative Testing
Plan for the Unknown (What's Next)

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore more of the features and benefits SafeCamp HR offers partners just like you
SafeCamp HR uses the latest encryption techniques to guarantee your information is secure and complies with all HIPAA requirements
Each Client/Partner is private and only the data you decide is shared with the people you want to access it. Your employee information is sacred
Our platform is available 24/7 with the ability to scale and process high amounts of data without compromising the user experience.
HIPAA/OSHA Compliant
We have gone through various HIPAA certifications to make sure our team AND our technology are following all recommended best practices.